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“It’s not going anywhere,” the second brother confirmed.

- Well, boys, - Igorek began the meeting, - how are we going to open the box?

The first boy pressed Natasha's shoulder, and she, gasping, sat down on the ground

- And you sit! Igor poked her on the cheek with his finger.

Natasha nodded. There was wild fear in her eyes.

“It seems to me that such a lock can be opened with a crooked nail,” I screwed in. Who will try?

The men crowded together and began to talk in an undertone.

- Don't you have a hairpin? the first boy asked me.

- I haven't used it since kindergarten.

Igorek ran to his car and returned with a first aid kit.

- Look, boys, what is there! He showed disposable syringes.



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